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10 Simple Ways to Upgrade Your Nutrition

December 02, 2020 Vanessa Jane. Registered Dietitian Episode 1
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10 Simple Ways to Upgrade Your Nutrition
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Registered dietitian, Vanessa Jane, covers 10 simple ways to revamp your nutrition on a daily basis, without having to try to hard. Which one will you start incorporating today? Like what you hear? Help us out by writing a review on iTunes!

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Welcome to bites radio, a podcast for mindful foodies and conscious consumers. Registered dietitian, Vanessa Jane serves up simple and easy ways to understand the connection between what you eat and how you feel. Forget the yo-yo dieting and listen in. As we uncover easy to follow tips, to eating and living healthy

Vanessa Jane, RD:

Welcome to bites radio, I am your host and registered dietitian, Vanessa Jane jumping right into our first episode. We are going to talk about 10 easy ways to upgrade your nutritional quality on a daily basis. Now I'm not talking about putting butter in your coffee or only eating organic proteins. Instead, I'm going to give you 10 simple tweaks that you can start incorporating into your regular foods and meals that when practiced consistently can make a huge difference in your overall nutrition. And as I'm going through these, I want you to think about how many of these could you incorporate into your regular routine. Jumping right into easy upgrade number one, spread your bread with protein. Now I love having bread for breakfast, a slice of sprouted grain toast, a whole wheat English muffin, or even half of a multigrain bagel can do a lot for me in the mornings. And I always use a nut butter spread instead of a butter or a cream cheese, something with very little sugar and not a lot of processing. That way I'm adding in a little extra fiber, protein and healthy fats to my morning. And it's about the same number of calories as any other spread out there, if not less, depending on the brand and how much you use. Easy upgrade number two, go Greek. Choose plain Greek yogurt instead of regular yogurt and you will get twice the amount of protein, which translates into more nutrients in your body, which leads to feeling fuller for longer. I know Greek yogurt is slightly more expensive than regular yogurt, but it all plays out equally. In the end, since you won't be needing that mid morning or late afternoon snack after eating a serving of Greek yogurt. Also, there are some great recipes and meals that you can substitute Greek yogurt into to increase the nutritional content without losing any of the flavor or consistency. Since Greek yogurt is a multi-use product, it is a hundred percent worth it for me. And that's why I absolutely love it. Easy upgrade number three, grate your way to greatness. So there is an eight year old in my house and there are several days a week where she is asking for pancakes, waffles, muffins, or anything with sugar and simple carbs though. The dietitian in me really tries to regulate how often this happens, on those days where I just cannot say no, I make sure that I also add in a secret ingredient. I will use a vegetable grater to grate in one raw carrot or one raw zucchini, either one, sometimes two, depending on the size of the batter. And it does a couple of things for it. The first thing it does is it adds in moisture since carrots and zucchini have a very high water content. It adds an extra level of moisture that you normally wouldn't get from just making regular pancakes, waffles, muffins, what have you. It also adds in a little extra vegetable nutrition as well. So far, no one in my household has seemed to notice yet. So we'll just say it's a very well kept secret. Easy upgrade, number four , milk it for all it's worth. If you're making oatmeal, overnight oats or any other hot cereal, try using the no sugar added almond or coconut milk instead of water, not only does it make the cereal extra creamy and delicious, but you also up the ante in terms of protein and calcium. Easy upgrade number five, look for greener pastures. So when I go to the grocery store and I am choosing my salad greens, I like to focus on the darker varieties because in addition to being more flavorful, they are also more nutritious. I often buy hearts of romaine lettuce because they keep so well in the fridge, but I know that romaine ranges from super pale white to super dark green. So I always make sure that I grab a dark green pack. Similarly, If you were at a salad bar or a restaurant, I always like to opt for the darker spring mix or spinach and completely forego the pale flavorless romaine that is doing you no favors. Easy upgrade number six, roll in the green. I don't know about you, but I love a good Asian, Vietnamese or Thai restaurant. So instead of having a deep fried egg roll, when we go out or we order from those places, I always choose a lettuce roll or a lettuce wrap, or even a rice paper roll instead. They're a lower carb and lower fat option compared to their fried alternative.

Speaker 2:

And you are not sacrificing any flavor whatsoever. Also when you're home, you can use Boston lettuce leaves or larger lettuce leaves in general to make so many different things. Sandwiches, hamburgers, sandwich roll -ups healthy tacos, which has become a very popular thing in my household. It also adds a good amount of vegetable nutrients as well. And it's a great way to cut back on some carbs, especially right now during the holidays. Easy upgrade number seven, savor a savory cocktail. If you're going to have a cocktail, if you're going to drink, try foregoing the super sugary drinks that are on the cocktail menu and opt for one shot of your preferred liquor, with a choice of no calorie mixer , such as soda water, tonic, diet ginger ale, or flavored water. Lately, all of the hype has been about infused vodkas. I personally love a good infused vodka because they add a ton of flavor without adding in sugar because the flavors are infused into the liquor rather than adding additional sugar. My favorite go-to cocktail is any type of flavored vodka the bar has on hand. Usually it's deep Eddy or kettle one, Mixed with water and lime. This brings in about 70 to 100 calories, no sugar and no carbs. Also bloody Marys are a great route to go as well because they forgo the sugary mixes and add in a serving of vegetables. But you want to be very wary of all the add-ins like bacon, shrimp, olives, and salt around the rim. We still want to be very mindful of our sodium content. Easy upgrade number eight, sideline the fries. Casual restaurant meals often come with a huge pile of fries on the side. And it's because fries are cheap and they're filling. And most people enjoy them. So they are a very cheap filler for restaurants to use. But most restaurants, if you ask them to will substitute the vegetable of the day for the fries. Now I'm not going to lie and say that I never eat French fries because I do. I eat them occasionally. But I would say about 80% of the time, I choose an entrée that does not come with French fries. If that is not an option, I will either ask for the French fries to not come on the platter whatsoever, so I'm avoiding the situation in general, or I will ask for vegetables or another less dense side option. Easy upgrade number nine, go to the dark side, of chocolate, that is. If you're going to have some chocolate, which most people do, choose the darkest chocolate you can enjoy. The darker the chocolate, the less sugar it contains and the healthier flavanols it contains. If you enjoy a chocolate that 70% cacao or higher. Good for you. That's great. But also not for everyone. If your tastes run more towards milk chocolate, and you can still upgrade to a slightly darker chocolate than usual, try something around 40% cacao. Over time , you might even find that you start to enjoy darker chocolate more, your waistline and your heart will thank you. And now easy upgrade number 10. You tell me if you have a nutrition upgrade that you've heard of or have followed or are currently following. I want to hear about it. You can post it in the comment section for the show notes for today, which are on body by . That's body B O D Y by B Y, and then V d ouble E body by v .com. Now we're not looking for anything crazy or complicated, just easy ways to make everyday foods and meals. Just a little bit more nutritious. Thanks for listening. And I'll see you next week.

Speaker 1:

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